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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What is a Turban Hat?

The Turban

What is a Turban hat? Wikipedi tell us "In Sikhism, a turban is worn by wrapping a fabric of variable length (according to personal preference) over the head. It's like a hat in that it covers the head. But, unlike a hat, it is not removed in public. The reason Sikhs wear turbans is due to their belief of keeping their head covered as a sign of respect (to God). As God is believed to be omnipresent, their head remains covered by the turban at all times. In addition, in Indian history, when Muslim rulers were converting Hindus to Islam by force, Sikhs were helping the Hindus by fighting against this pressure by fighting against the Muslim rulers and their army. It is at this time when the turban was used as a symbol of Sikhism so that a Sikh individual may be easily recognized and to raise pride in their faith and to give them the courage when under pressure to be proud of their origin.
Muslims do wear turbans, too. But, the style of their turbans and manner of wrapping the fabric is distinctly different from that which is worn by Sikhs.
The term "turban" also refers to a woman's hat that is similar in shape to a man's turban. "

There are many different styles of the turban hat. In the 1950s the traditional design of the wrap was modified as shown above. Fabrics were oven to simulate the traditional wrap.Click on the top image of the white hat to see a mink spiral turban. Click on the second image and see all hats for sale on funky findz on line.